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Ancient Wisdom for
The Global Citizen


The Traditional Gurukul System 


“Mata, Pita, Guru, Daivam” translates to “Mother, Father, Guru, God,” a powerful saying in India.  A Guru is able to transform mundane existence by giving it a higher purpose and meaning, essentially bridging our connection to God.  Each of these four roles, like the legs of a chair, play a critical part in a person’s life with spirituality, beginning with the Guru. In ancient India, a Gurukula or Gurukulam was a type of education system in the Vedic school of thought. In this system, the Shishya or the student was sent at a young age to live with the Guru and he/she would impart spiritual teachings to his students.

Pearls of Wisdom from the Founder-Chairman

Body is a Temple, Moon is the Mind and Sun is the Soul.

Message from the Founder & Chairman

Shashi Ji April 2020 (2)_edited_edited.jpg

Shashi Bhushan Dubey

Today everyone’s life is busy. No one has time to invest in themselves and the result is disconnection. People are disconnected from themselves, from others and from nature. One of the consequences is we feel overwhelmed when something unexpected or difficult happens in our life. Fear, anxiety, self-doubt and thinking only for oneself are the companions we carry with us day to day. The practice of natural and
spiritual sciences helps us to reconnect, to have trust, faith, live by good core values and act for the greater good. Our online school of natural sciences is a modern adaptation of the ancient Gurukul system, where we incorporate the ancient teachings and practices with the latest research relevant to the issues we face in
the 21st century. With natural and spiritual sciences you can learn to generate cosmic energy and divine power and achieve everything. Invest in yourself, and be surprised as you discover who you truly are – body, mind and soul in alignment.

Message from the President

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Dr. Sadhna Dixit

The objective of our school is to give everyone the key to the treasure of ancient knowledge and wisdom.


We are a global school of ancient knowledge and wisdom. Our teaching is ethics and values based. A modern adaption of the ancient Gurukul system, in which we combine traditional teachings and practices with the most recent research relevant to the difficulties we confront in today's technologically advanced world. Natural and Spiritual Sciences can teach you how to develop cosmic energy and divine force and attain your goals. Choose your seed sound and open your mind, heart and soul to experience bliss of God.





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