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Life & Divine Mentorship Program

Program Description

Our mentorship program will allow seekers to discover themselves and the universe through exploration and connection with body, mind and spirit through Self-Knowledge. Upon completion of this program, students can become qualified Mentors who are able to help benefit society by providing life and spiritual coaching.

Our distance-learning Life & Divine Mentorship program will enable eligible candidates to earn a recognized Diploma in two years. Students may also take part in spiritual journeys organized each year to India.

By the end of this program, individuals are able to:

  • Motivate and inspire others to reach life and spiritual goals

  • Effectively organize, plan & strategize to help others reach their objectives

  • Showcase leadership, communication skills & accountability to bring thoughtful change

Raja Ravi Varma painting of Sankaracharya and disciples

Program Details


Mentorship Program

Special webinars taught by international award-winning Guest speakers


One to One Session

Seminars on World religions, interfaith beliefs and spiritual practices

Group Sessions

Workshops on various schools of Meditation practice


Highlights from Year 1 of the Life & Divine Mentorship Program

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