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We are an integral part of the eternal nature. Must break the circle of Birth and Death. Don’t waste another birth. Treat this as your last chance and get union with the Supreme, the way river gets union with the ocean.

Vision of the School

Dr.Sadhna Dixit

The objective of our school is to give everyone the key to

the treasure of ancient knowledge and wisdom.


We are a global school of ancient knowledge and wisdom.

Our teaching is ethics and values based. A modern adaption

of the ancient Gurukul system, in which we combine

traditional teachings and practices with the most recent

research relevant to the difficulties we confront in today's

technologically advanced world. Natural and Spiritual

Sciences can teach you how to develop cosmic energy

and divine force and attain your goals. Choose your seed

sound and open your mind, heart and soul to experience

bliss of God.

Our Founder learned from Sage Sripad Baba,

a master of many ancient wisdoms, that these

insights are extremely useful in practice in this

phase of artificial intelligence.

I was fortunate as from my childhood,

I had the opportunity to meet many teachers and Sages.

With the Bliss of God, they have shown me the path and

wisdom of natural and spiritual sciences.


Our online school of natural and spiritual sciences is a school for people of all ages, including teenagers, middle-aged people, and seniors. You might be surprised to learn that even toddlers and small children attend virtual sessions with their parents or grandparents.


Plantation of knowledge, wisdom, belief, and faith does not require a caste, religion, or boundaries for a nation to grow and prosper. Our school is a global school of knowledge and wisdom, with students from to San Francisco to New Zealand, Canada to Taiwan, Moscow to Geneva, Norway to South Africa, Germany to UAE, Japan to Singapore, Peru to Chile and Kuala Lumpur to Fiji.


Day to day routine, shortage of time and patience, our lives are becoming unbalanced, we are struggling and our physical, mental, and spiritual immune systems, unable to cope with the stress of daily ebbs and flows of life.


Going back to ancient times, we used to perform more work and have a better balanced and happy existence because we followed the principle of ethics. Our way of life used to be centered on the practice of natural and spiritual sciences. By using both the sun clock and the ayurveda clock, waking up before the sunrise, eating before the sunset and sleeping few hours after the evening meal, all were the ways to lead a balanced lifestyle. Before going to sleep, we would audit our day and analyze if we had completed our roles and responsibilities, as well as our goals for the day and decide the agenda for the next day. Whether we were productive today, if we hurt anyone or done any work that was harming to anyone who we came across.


If we live our lives on the principals of Natural and Spiritual Sciences, our health, wealth, and happiness will follow us everywhere we go. Natural and Spiritual sciences practice helps us in reconnecting with ourselves and Mother Nature, having trust and faith, living by core values and acting for the greater good.


Today’s world is very competitive world, everyone wants to achieve everything without realizing whether "I deserve it or not” or "Am I following the logical and ethical principle for achieving my objectives." If we examine our lives through Aryan ways of life, we may be able to recognize where we need to change, upgrade and reform.


We must reset our clocks and do regular monitoring of our habits, attitudes, and mindset. If we go deeper, we will discover that we are wasting our time on both gossip and criticism, as well as over-analyzing why we are not doing things well.


A true person is always focused and has a purpose in life and leads a life based on values. We must always be grateful to our parents and uphold family values.


One thing we must remember is that when nature closes one door, she opens another for you. This shift will be visible if we follow bliss and divinity.


Many philosophers have given reverence to teachers and gurus, sages and saints, and it is because of them that we can comprehend the importance and role of nature in our lives. Nothing is possible without divine will and wish as well as blessings.


We have not arrived on the earth for the first time, as an Aryan belief; we have been born on this earth many times and in many lifetimes, and we carry the karma and curse of previous lives.


God is a Tree and its Branches are Religion


In the present-day environment, stress, fear, trauma, anxiety, depression, fatigue, sadness, grief, loneliness, self-doubt, sleep and concentration disorder, chronic aches, diseases of the heart-lungs-blood-kidney-liver, all are having a cause. Some originate from our lifestyle, some from our behavior, some from our bad habits & thoughts, some from our attitude, and some from the DNA we carry and finally not doing enough physical exercise and having unhealthy food habits.


When nature gives challenges, it provides solutions. Breathing techniques, Yog Nidra, Tratak, Hast Mudras, Yoga Asanas and Sound, all have hidden solutions for our day-to-day and acute difficulties. Aryans always thought that the problem should be handled from the grass root level. They also believed that planetary influence in our lives played a significant role in the cause of problems. Everything is predictable and curable by various natural and spiritual practices.

The contemporary 21st century age is coming back to lifestyle wellness through natural living, herbs, naturally grown and produced food products. By adhering to the ayurveda clock, we will be able to balance the Tri-Gunas (Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic) and the Tri-Doshas (Vatta, Kapha, and Pitta).


The knowledge of yoga was clearly brought by Sage Patanjali. The knowledge of astrology was brought by Sages Parashara and Sage Gemini. Sage Samudrik brought the knowledge of body and palmistry.


In this age of artificial intelligence as well as the new age, we all need knowledge of ancient wisdom to keep our lives in balance.


Invest in self to become the best version of yourself. Discover, Transform, Rejuvenate, Achieve Transcendental Stage as well as Higher Consciousness and Union with Nature.

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