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Message from the Founder

Shashi Bhushan Dubey

The biggest problem we face today is we cannot handle ourselves when traumatic situations take place in our lives. We lose our ability to make decisions and our self-confidence goes for a toss. We are enveloped with fear, anxiety, and depression. The practice of natural and spiritual sciences help us rejuvenate ourselves. The crux of our strength come from having firm belief, faith, values and trust in the Divine.


In modern times, we are so lost in the humbug of daily life. We run fast and faster with each passing day and we have no time to check in with ourselves. We have gone so far away from our inner being and the natural system. With the discovery of new things everyday, our minds are stressed with each passing moment. We have forgotten ancient wisdom and the Truth of life. Values have fallen, self-disciple has gone for a toss, relationships are in crises, trust is broken frequently, and respect for one another in limbo. We have forgotten that we are “we” and not “I.” In order to tackle this difficult phase in our evolution, we need Self-Knowledge.

We can counter problems with inner silence and love. With the help of prayer, worship and charity we can walk the path of divinity and dip into the divine ocean of love. From time to time, divine souls walked on this Earth to show us this and remind us to give back to society. The fundamentals are that we need to practice silence and think for others the way we want to be thought of.


Let us surrender to Mother Nature and believe that nature can take care of us all. Believe in your inner voice. Create a transcendental stage of mind so you can enjoy clairvoyance and sixth sense. Love everyone the way you want to be loved. Allow your mind to think and soul to drive your mind. Balance your life on the principle of ethics. The real truth is Peace, Love, Kindness and Living for Others. There is bountiful bliss everywhere. All you have to do is awaken the consciousness of your mind and experience the flow of Kundalini, joy and the principle forces of Nature.

When your spiritual immune system is balance, mental and physical system automatically fixes itself. Fix your body clock, work on your habits, and create willpower to experience who you really are, and understand why you are born and your purpose of life. You never know when you will come back again to Earth. Fulfil your ambitions in this life. Do not wait for another reincarnation. What are you waiting for? Create good karma and work on the principle of Dharma. Work with purity and honesty so you can walk the path of salvation. When you
leave this plane of existence, He should receive you there.

The purpose of this school to give you the key to the treasure of knowledge and wisdom. Choose your seed mantra and open your heart to experience bliss of God. Invest in yourself and get out the best version of you. Discover yourself so you can enjoy the divine bliss of Nature.

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