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Our Guest Speaker Series

Year 1 - Our International Guest Lecture Series

Dr.Paful Naik.jpg

Dr. Praful Naik
Director &CEO
Prashak Techno Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Look Beyond

When you look beyond self-limiting thoughts and restrictions, and constraining patterns ingrained since childhood you have the potential to go so much further than you may have believed – in your career, on the spiritual path, in every aspect of life. With hard work, the right mindset, determination, willpower, confidence you can manifest your dreams. Taste the intrinsic value of success or throttle the pedal of failure on the highway to success. Either way it is a winning proposition.

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Dr. Shalika Shetty
Integrative Paediatrician

Food and Prana

In today’s busy world man has lost sight of the essence of food as prana, life force energy. People eat when they are hungry, when they are distracted, when they are stressed. It is no longer the norm that families sit to share a meal together – to break bread. Food has become an addiction for many, and millions of people are overweight while millions of others starve
for lack of basic food. There is no balance.
The more disconnected we become from nature, we forget we are a product of nature, not the product of a machine like so much of the food we eat. We lose sight of the truth that we are connected to the larger cycle of life, and one day, after we die, our bodies will feed the earth, which will create more food to feed new bodies.

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Mr. Sanjiv Gupta
CEO - SpiceXpress

Art of Finishing

99% of people start projects without seeing them through to completion The art of finishing is an art rather than a science. Science implies a formula, of which here is none. It is a skill that can be learnt, just as you might learn a new language. It is the ability to deliver a task or project, completing it and tying up all loose ends. Most people can sprint for a short distance, but lose pace before the finish line The art of finishing should not be confused with busyness. Being busy is an activity but is often unfocused or without purpose. It can distract from the finish line You can achieve anything when you master the art of finishing. You will feel consistently happy and satisfied, have healthy relationships, and achieve success

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Kapil and Simmi Jain

Trust, Belief, Faith,

Everyone has the potential to evolve as a Divine Soul in this lifetime, but only a few will achieve Divinity Power. This is possible only if it is your destiny, and this where your DNA comes into play, the effects of seven generations. Achieving Divinity Power requires belief, faith, trust, and an enormous amount of hard work. It requires detachment, sacrifice, a kind heart, right attitude of mind, and surrender to the Supreme – living fully according to the Laws of Nature and Spiritual Laws

Heidi Cuppari.jpg

Heidi Cuppari
CEO - Dream Tank

Children are Our Future Custodians

In a world that is changing and evolving at a rate not experienced before, how do we support and build the minds of our young people? How do we develop and nurture the spark of the future custodians of our planet? How do we educate them in the Art of Life? What can we do to address the alarming rise in the numbers of young people experiencing mental health issues anxiety, depression, eating disorders? During this lecture we will answer all these questions.

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Mr. Paritosh Shukla
CEO - Transphorm

Happiness and Leadership

You have been given this gift of life, enjoy it. Happiness is a choice that begins with an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude unlocks the fullness of your life, turning what you have into enough and more. When you replace the enemies of your happiness with their opposites, e.g. fear and insecurity with acceptance and trust; repression and addictive behaviours with creativity and passion; low self-esteem with self-love, you will have peace and happiness in your heart

Manu Gupta.jpeg

Mr. Manu Gupta
Founder - Isha Music

Art of Meditation

Meditation, today, has become a successful business commodity. Meditation classes are offered to improve health, reduce stress and anxiety, to improve sleep, to boost the immune system, etc. You can find classes in Mindfulness, Zen Meditation, Buddhist Meditation, Guided Meditation, Silent Meditation and Sound Meditation, to mention a few. 

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Christine McGuinness
CEO - Back to Nature Ltd.

The Nine Secrets of the Immunity System

In this lecture series we will discuss the importance of our immune system by divulging the "nine secrets". When we know these, we can make informed choices in how we choose to live our lives in these times. 

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Mr. Veer Singh
Founder - Vana Retreat and Vana Foundation

Fear and Anxiety

Fear and anxiety are so present in everyday life that we come to accept it as being normal. Yes, healthy fear is necessary. It helps us discern a dangerous situation from a safe one and propels us to instinctively move into action. It is a primal reaction, arising from a danger in the physical world, that has helped man to survive since the beginning of time. There is another type of fear that arises from understanding the impermanence of life. This can be a positive or a minus, either motivating us to grow and make the best of our life, or caught in a cycle of fearing sickness, old age, death, of not achieving our purpose, of losing those we love.


Tiger Ali Singh
CEO & President - Tiger Jeet Singh Corporation

Values and Family Systems

The family unit is the cornerstone on which our society is built, and the foundation of both the family and society rests on its values. Strong family values, based on ethical principles, like compassion, empathy or honesty, provide a moral compass we can use to navigate the world in any direction. We draw on the values we learnt as children, to help us navigate relationships and the responsibilities adulthood brings. In this lecture we explore some of the core values at the heart of living a meaningful and happy life.


Mary Hodnett
Family Systems Therapist, Life & Wellness Coach

Family Systems & Systems Overview

Our experience in our family system, the dynamics and patterns we operate from, will reflect how we operate in every system. Traumatic events, such as war, violent death, suicide, or incest, don’t die with the people directly affected. They echo through time, manifesting in those born in a later generation either as illnesses, depression, anxiety or unhappy relationships.  In this lecture we apply a systemic lens to look at what supports the flow of life and love in systems, a way of looking that crosses cultural, religious and societal boundaries.

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