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Our Syllabus

Year 1 - Our Lecture Series

Who Am I _ Purpose of Life.jpg

Who am I?

It is a big question, Who am I? You can search in many places, read many books, ask many people, but you can only discover the answer within yourself. Through self-analysis, self-honesty, a balanced mind, and the capacity to listen to and follow the voice of the heart, you will find it.


Purpose of Life

The purpose of your life unfolds as you discover who you are. You live a life focused not on the self, but on others and the greater good. Regardless of your circumstances or difficulties, when you are living your purpose and following your dharma, you will experience happiness and joy within. Growth and liberation are the rewards.

Discover _ Win Yourself.jpg

Discover and win yourself

The journey to self-discovery is a dive into unchartered waters, to find the pearl that is your deepest essence. In the process you bring the body, mind and soul into alignment; you come to understand yourself as an interconnected element of nature. Battles are fought as you tackle your fears, the ego, doubts, arrogance, jealousy, shame and all the enemies of your peace and happiness.

Peace and Happiness.jpg

Peace and Happiness

Modern living has led to many people living like machines, working day and night. The result is a vacuum, a feeling of emptiness. Our minds need happiness, and our souls need peace. These two qualities have a beautiful fragrance but are rare and difficult to find.

How to Fix Your Clock.jpg

How to fix your clock?

To fix your clock is not simply to manage your time, although that is an important element. It is to live life in accordance with the rhythms of Nature. Everything in the Cosmos is a cycle -the sun and the moon rise and set, night follows day, the tides ebb and flow. Take the steps to realign yourself to your natural rhythms, sleeping and rising early, eating healthy and natural food. Change your pattern, change your life

Habits _ Behaviours.jpg

Habits and Behavior

Your behaviours represent your attitude, and your habits develop to follow that pattern. Your negative habits separate you from your true nature and purpose. If you habitually use your time, work or leisure, doing the same things in the same way, you become rigid. When this your pattern it is difficult to change when life changes. Learn to be flexible and adaptable in your habits and behaviours and you will make changes easily.



One of the biggest problems in the modern world is the fixation on “instant”- instant success, instant results, instant access, instant gratification. It makes for a restless, impatient society. When you cultivate patience with yourself, you will be patient with others, and with any situation. At the heart of patience is the resolve to endure whatever is happening in the present in the faith that tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Invest in Yourself.jpg

Invest in yourself

Investing in yourself means planting, tending to and having patience for the seeds you plant to grow and blossom at the right time. The reward of self-investment is liberation and freedom. Time is precious, use it wisely, begin planting seeds. The universe is a reflection of your inner consciousness. When you invest in yourself, the universe will invest in you.

Man _ Nature, Guru _ Gurukul .jpg

Man & Nature

Nature influences everything in life, from the quality of the air we breathe, the food we put in our mouths, the water we drink, to the tidal effects of the full moon, magnetic storms, and the impact of solar and lunar eclipses. One cannot separate themselves from Nature.

Willpower, Self-Confidence, Confidence in Others, Determination and Stubbornness.jpg

Willpower, Self Confidence,  Determination & Stubbornness

If you want to go on a long journey you take a car with a strong engine that will keep going, even when the terrain is difficult. Willpower is your inner engine, your inner strength. The stronger your willpower the further you can go.Know what you want, then determine to achieve it, regardless of what level of difficulties or opposition you meet. Unlike willpower, stubbornness makes you rigid, so there can be no flow. Confidence in yourself and others is crucial. How can you hope to achieve anything if your have neither faith nor belief in yourself or others?


Guru & Gurukul

What is a Guru and where do we find a Guru? In the dictionary, a Guru is someone who is very skilled at something and who gives advice about it. In the colloquial sense, this could be an investment guru, an internet guru, a sports guru – always depicting someone who has developed some expertise through dedication and practice and can now share this knowledge with others as they learn. In our context, Guru is a spiritual teacher, someone who is able to articulate the Codes of the Universe, the unerring mystical laws of the world and spirit. They have the ability to see beyond your physical representation, beyond the layers of the mind and the ego, to see your true nature. The Gurukul system of education dates back over 5,000 years. In this system, the student was sent to live with the Guru at a young age and would remain for up to fourteen years until his education was complete. These schools were based in forests, so that the young students were immediately immersed in nature. In this holistic setting, they learned not only sacred texts and the many intellectual and practical subjects that formed the curriculum; they learned to love, respect, and protect animal and plant life. During this lecture you will be introduced to the modern day Guru & Gurukul concept.

Be Honest with Yourself and Live in the Reality.JPG

Be Honest with Yourself and Live in Reality

Honesty is valued as a virtue across the world’s most influential religions and philosophies, from Christianity, to Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Confucianism, to the philosophy of Ancient Greece. We like to believe we are honest people, and we may, in the main, be honest in our dealings with people. We tell ourselves we are true to ourselves, and live in the reality, but rarely take time to honestly analyse whether that reality is realistic, whether it is fulfilling our purpose, or whether it is based on wishful thinking. We have hopes and dreams, but do we assess whether they are realistic? Do we have
expectations that others have a responsibility to fulfil them? Do we put plans in place to deal with the unexpected, or lazily “trust” that everything will be okay? In this lecture we will reflect and ask ourselves these deep questions and seek to find the answers.



Trataka is the doorway, the first chapter in the book of your spiritual life. To become a true spiritualist, you need strong powers of concentration, and this is the gift of this relatively simple practice. It is a technique that uses the sense of sight to still the mind, through focusing on a single point, such as a candle flame. Although it can be easily learned it is very powerful and the breadth of the benefits to be gained from a daily practice is vast. It will support you on all levels – body, mind, and soul.

The Art of Discipline.png

Art of Discipline

Discipline is a superpower, a power that bring you to your goal; a power that maintains equilibrium in nature and in society. A disciplined person is self-reliant and self-confident, with a peaceful and happy mind. Nature maintains a natural discipline that leads to a natural balance.

Dhyaan Yoga Nidra.jpg

Dhyan Yoga Nidra

Dhyan Yoga Nidra is the Nidra of Divinity, not a practice but a state of being. Its origins are beyond time as we know it. Today, many people view yoga nidra as a relaxation and therapeutic tool, and, yes, on a basic level, it can be used for as such, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. We will look at the many benefits on a physical and mental level, but beyond this it is a superpower. Yoga Nidra can transform your life in limitless ways. It rejuvenates and heals the physical, mental and emotional bodies and more importantly, connects you to Divinity and the limitless possibilities of your existence

Belief, Faith, Trust, Divine _ Divinity.JPG

Divine and Divinity Power – Vedic Tradition & Mantras

Everyone has the potential to evolve as a Divine Soul in this lifetime, but only a few will achieve Divinity Power. This is possible only if it is your destiny, and this where your DNA comes into play, the effects of seven generations. Achieving Divinity Power requires belief, faith, trust, and an enormous amount of hard work. It requires detachment, sacrifice, a kind heart, right attitude of mind, and surrender to the Supreme – living fully according to the Laws of Nature and Spiritual Laws



One of the obstacles to be overcome if you are serious about pursuing the path of knowledge is habitual gossip. You can never know yourself as long as you listen to or share gossip. As you know, the soul works with ethics, and when you are involved with gossip, it is not simply spoken, heard or seen by the mouth, ears and eyes. It is heard and seen by the heart, wounding it. It is wounded because rather than filling a space within it with love, compassion or kindness, you are pouring a poison on it. Gossip is a poison that weakens you physically, intellectually, and spiritually. During this lecture will refer to many types of gossip, like gossip in the workplace, in
friendships, groups, family, etc., as well as social gossip.



You will discover the answer to the fundamental question, Who Am I? only when you have overcome the obstacles that ego uses to trip you up. Ego may be a very small word, but it is has an enormous impact in life. The ego does not want you to change, it wants to keep you imprisoned in the past. It is a cruel and deceptive judge, feeding on your fear, and keeping you from your true depth. It is the enemy of the soul mind, driven by the illusions of the external world – wealth, statue, appearances, competition, etc. The logic of the body mind is easily manipulated by the ego, working to keep you in a limited life. The nature of the soul is truth, permanance and bliss, whereas the nature of the mind operating from ego is illusion, impermanence and suffering.

Trauma .jpg


Trauma is a thief. It robs you of your right to live a full and fearless life. As long as you carry unresolved trauma in your body there is a part of you existing in a state of fear. You are blocked from realising your true potential. It affects your outlook on life, your confidence, self-worth, your habits and behaviours, your relationships. It leaves you feeling helpless and powerless, without a compass to navigate safely through the ocean of your life. It damages your body and your mind, leading to irrational thinking and disease. Healing your trauma opens a door to a fearless life, and a fearless life is a limitless life.

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